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Back to School Tips

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Back to school is just 2 short weeks away. Parents rejoice and children moan. But anyway you look at it, its never an easy task to get those kids back into a routine. We at Stop and Store Kelowna are here to try and make it just a bit easier on parents. This could very well apply to those headed back to The University of British Columbia Okanagan.

Back to School

Create a routine

We are used to waking up late, staying up late, breakfast at whatever time. This all has to change, back to 8:30am classes and early nights. So get started early, a week before school or classes, start adjusting your bedtime. When the time finally comes to wake up early, you will be better adjusted.

Meal Prep Sundays

Making lunches every morning gets old quick. Set aside an hour or two on Sunday nights and prep 5 meals for the week. This helps your morning routine and saves you quite a bit of money. Important for those struggling students. It also makes it easier for younger kids when the morning can be too hectic to make lunches effectively.

Designate a Study Space

Right now, set a room or area that is only for study and nothing else. This will make it much easier to do work and stay focused. We often times subconsciously associate certain places with study and fun. By setting aside a space you will see an increase in your studies.

Shop Later

Back to school shopping is busy, expensive and can add to the stress of the whole process. So grab those supplies from last year and make them do the first week or two. After that the shopping will be less busy and the supplies will be on sale.

We hope this helps your back to school process come together easier. As always, remember Stop and Store Kelowna for any of your back to school storage needs.