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Temporarily Moving for Work? Choose Self Storage

temporarily moving, self storage

Every so often we have to move around for work. Don’t risk storing your valuable items with friends or inside your home. If you need to move temporarily, self storage is your most affordable and secure option. We offer insurance and peace of mind while you are away.

Temporarily Moving – Self Storage is your Answer

Unparalleled Security

When you leave your home for a work reassignment, it’s vulnerable to break-ins, vandals and natural disasters. With no one there to look to after whats inside, your things are at risk. By choose a self storage unit for your more valuable possessions you are getting top class security. With 24/7 video monitoring and electronic gates, your items will not be disturbed. You can travel and work with the peace of mind that when you return, all your items will be as you left them. For even greater peace of mind, you can purchase storage insurance.

Short Term Rentals

We know that not every work assignment is long term. At Stop and Store Kelowna, we offer shot term rentals as well as long term. In fact, if you sign up, you can take advantage of our “First Two Months 50% Off” promotion. If you are only travelling for a few months, that’s the best deal in Kelowna. If you want to store for longer, we have discounts on long term rentals as well.

Money Saving

If you are going travelling for a long time, you may want to sub-let your home. You can use self storage to help you with that. Simply store all your items with us and rent out your place as you like. Now you are making money and keeping your things safe! Checkout this great guide on making a small space rent-able.

If you decide that self storage is for you during your work reassignment, contact a storage expert today!