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October 5, 2016
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How to Store Your Mattress

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One of the most expensive thing in your bedroom is the mattress. So you should make sure that you protect it when you need to store it away. Many people like store their mattresses upright or without protection, well now we are here to show you how to properly store your mattresses.

Mattress Storage

Wrap It Up

You need to keep you mattresses protected. Using a plastic wrap or even better, the plastic that the mattress came in, assuming you haven’t ripped it open too badly. Having it wrapped in plastic will protected it from moisture, mold, rodents, dirt and dust. Before you do wrap it up, give it a quick vacuum and clean to ensure nothing grows while stored. Grab a plastic wrap here.

Clean it

Cleaning you mattress before you store it is very important, but don’t just use soap and water. First you want to vacuum any dirt and dust off. Second apply as upholstery cleaner to get those stains out, brush the cleaner into the mattress and pat dry. After this you want to make sure the mattress is 100% dry so give it a few days. You can even rent upholstery cleaning vacuums from many groceries stores.


Do not, do not, do not store your mattress on its side or any form of upright position. They are meant to be store flat. Storing them upright will warp the shape and put stress on the springs. When storing it, put a clean tarp down and then place the mattress on top and do not store anything but other mattress on top of it.


Okay, its time to take the mattress out of storage and it smells a bit musty? Not to worry, if you have followed the steps above, then just sprinkle some baking soda on both side of the mattress and leave it for 10 minutes. After vacuum the baking soda up and air dry the mattress before dressing it.

That’s it! May you mattresses last for a long time! Contact Us today for great self storage rates!