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The Guide to Long Term Bike Storage

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In Kelowna we are lucky to have many summer time places to mountain bike, Silverstar and BigWhite come to mind. But when the snow comes and the riding season is over, where do you store your bike? Some of you many just shove it in a shed or in your garage only to take it out next year with a host of problems. Problems caused by poor storage. Well Stop and Store Kelowna has created the best guide to bike storage.

The Only Bike Storage Guide You Need

1. Prep and Prep Again

Nothing is more important than the prep of your bike. If you do this right, then you shouldn’t have any problems come next season. A quick breakdown of the steps are:bike, downhill, dirt, rider

  • Thoroughly wash all the dirt off the bike (get inside all the nooks and crannies)
  • Re-oil the chain
  • Apply grease to the brake cables and gear cables
  • Remove the tires (doing so takes stress of the rubber)
  • Hang up (if you cannot hang your bike, taking off the tires does the same thing)

2. Find The Right Place to Store

You need to make sure that the bike and its components (tires etc) are stored away from sunlight. The harmful UV rays of the sun will dull the paint and cry and crack any rubbers (tires, grips, cable covers). You also want to make sure that the place you store is free of moisture. Moisture is cancer to a steel framed bike, the bike will rust and need a major overhaul next season. If you do not have any space inside your home or garage, try a storage unit. You may not want to spend money on storage, but if you grab a few riding buddies you can all store your bikes for just a few dollars each month.

We love riding in our spare time and we always make sure our bikes are stored properly and so should you.