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The Best Camping Storage Guide

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Summer is fast approaching us in the Okanagan and that means camping. If you haven’t booked a camping site yet, it’s not quite too late, head the to governments site and get booked!  If you are more of a camping off the beaten path that’s great too. All that camping gear gets in the way, so lets figure how to deal with camping storage.

A Simple Camping Storage How To

Air It Out

Everything time you use your gear, tents, tarps, blankets etc. make sure that you air them out. Choose a sunny and hot day and spread everything out on a clothes line or on the deck. Let the air run through all you items for the day to make sure they stay fresh (and mold free) for next time.

Bins and Tubs

Plastic preferably. Your items are going to be very dirty after a good summer out camping. Of course you should try to clean your equipment the best you can, but sometimes the dirt never leaves. Getting setup with a few big tubs and bins is a great step to preparing for the end of camping storage process.

Save Space

Camping gear can take up tons of space in your house. Your best bet is to rent a self storage unit. Camping only lasts for a few months of the year, unless you are the snow camping type. Most people are not and choose self storage for their camping and other seasonal items. Units are cheap and easy to access when you need.

Save Space at Home

If storage units aren’t your thing, then storing at home is just fine. To cut down on the footprint your gear takes up, use a combination of bins and space shrinking bags. Tents and other fabric materials can compress to a surprisingly small package.

Get out and enjoy all Kelowna has to offer this summer. Now you are ready to store all your gear when you get back too!