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8 Things You Need Immediately After a Move

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We don’t think that anything can really be worse than moving. A big move involves a lot of moving parts and a lot of time and money. When you finally pack up and get to your destination, you are going to need some essentials immediately. Here are 8 things you should pack together and open first.

The “Open First Box” For Any Move

1. Documents and Keys

Anything related the new house, documents, keys, etc should be ready and on hand right when you arrive, throw these into the box. If you are renting a storage unit for your move, have the keys handy.

2. Coffee

Trying to attempt to move without coffee? Good luck, toss some java in the box, it will help you to motivate yourself and your unfortunate helpers.

3. Clothes

Probably the first thing you want to after you unpack is shower and relax. Have a comfy pair of clothes ready for the well deserved relaxing.

4. Bedding

Pillow, sheets and blankets. All things you are going to want more than anything. Make sure you have these on hand so you can just get to sleep.

5. Food

Some staple food items, water, mac and cheese etc. Just something to get you by when you first get to your new home.

6. Toiletries

Shampoo, body wash, tooth brush/paste is going to be much needed. Make sure you can easily find these and not have to wade through endless moving boxes looking.

7. Tools

You never know what you are going to have to put together. If you are moving IKEA stuff, here is a great guide on making sure it arrives unbroken.

8. Cleaning Supplies

We believe in a clean as you go type of approach. Unloading stuff into the fridge? Give it a quick wipe down first. Having some basic cleaning supplies on hand and at the ready will make moving in that much quicker.