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September 21, 2016
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October 25, 2016
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Winter Business Storage

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With the cold weather on its way to the Okanagan, as a business owner you should be looking at a place to store some of the items that you won’t need this Winter. From restaurants, contractors and realtors, there is a reason to choose Stop and Store Kelowna for your Winter storage needs.

Winter Business Storage


If you are a local restaurant here in Kelowna, chances are you have a patio so you can enjoy our beautiful Summers. But now, with Winter coming, what are you to do with all your patio items? Tables, chairs, umbrellas? You should store them with Stop and Store Kelowna! Don’t let the harsh weather ruin your patio furniture, keep it in the best condition possible for next Summer!


Store away your unneeded equipment in our storage facility and you can be sure they will be safe and secure as long as you need. We know business slows down come Winter for many of our contractors and landscapers. We have the most affordable long term business rates available in Kelowna, call us today!


Store away any signage that you use for Open Houses and the like. We know that houses sell all year, so we give you access to your items whenever you need. You can also store away your staging furniture, no need to clutter the home or car everyday! Let us take care of it.


No need to keep those Summer sales items around the store. Swap out the Summer with the Winter and store that extra inventory with Stop and Store Kelowna. We have all the space you need and the hours that work for you. Come and pickup your things in Spring or Summer, and store those Winter items!

Stop and Store Kelowna, located on Penno Road. We are Kelowna’s number 1 Self Storage Company.