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Back to School Tips
August 12, 2016
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Beat the Headache of moving abroad
August 25, 2016
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Time to leave the nest

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Alright, its that time. Time to leave home for the first time. Those moving to the University of British Columbia Okanagan know this story all too well. But how does one prepare to leave home for the first time? Let Stop and Store Kelowna help you out.

Time to Move out.

Find a place.

Finding a new place to live can be oh so exciting. But your dreams might come crashing back to reality when you put a budget on it. Look for a place under budget to help with unexpected costs. Make sure you have the funds for the first and last month, including security deposit. Location should be close to school or work to cut down on transportation costs.

Learn to Cook.

Invaluable is the skill of cooking. You will save tons of money and impress lots of people if you can learn to cook properly. Not to mention the healthy benefits that go along with healthy home cooking. Not sure where to start? Ask you parents for some quick lessons before you leave and YouTube the rest.


Get used to paying all your bills. TV, internet, cellphone, rent, the list goes on and doesn’t end. Keep these costs in mind when budgeting, and where you can cut down on bills. TV is something we can easily do without, there are a plethora of free and almost free services like Netflix.


Take only what you need and nothing else. Sort out what you are taking and look into storage for the rest. Some parents might be okay with you leaving items, but if not, Stop and Store Kelowna is here to help you.

Moving out can be fun and exciting if you plan right, follow this list to help. Contact us for help storing your unneeded or seasonal items.