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September 12, 2017
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Planting a Tree? Fall is The Time

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Thinking about planting a tree in your backyard? If you are waiting for Spring, you might want to reconsider. Unlike most other plants, trees are better planted in the Fall. Keep reading to find out why and how to plant your tree perfectly.

Planting a Tree

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1. When?

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Well, that’s easy, in the Fall. Right after the first drop of leaves actually. You see, when the leaves fall and decompose, they bring an abundance of nutrients to the soil. The cooler weather also allows the saplings roots to get a better hold of the dirt. This is because the winter snow and spring rains will stress the sapling out. So, get your tools out of your storage unit and start prepping.

2. Where?

You have to take into account the size of the fully grown tree in relation to your home, garage and other buildings. Failing to do this will result in having to cut it down. A good tip is that the closer you plant your tree to your home, the cheaper the cooling costs will be. The shade acts like a natural air conditioner.

3.  How?

You do not want to just start digging. You need to phone BC One Call, they will give you the go ahead and make sure no pipes or gas lines are underneath your chosen spot. After that:

  • Remove the top layer of soil/grass.
  • Dig shallow, but wide. Do not dig very deep unlike other garden pants.
  • Make sure the hole is twice the size of the sapling.
  • Add the soil back, layer by layer, making sure to compress and water each layer as you go.

Now that you have planted your tree, you should be thoroughly watering it often and regularly. If you want, you could as some mulch around the base to keep moisture in the roots. Be careful, too much mulch can cause rot.