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Why we LOVE Kelowna

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Beaches, sun, sand and UBCO. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Kelowna. Its affordable and offers tons of activities, its no wonder people flock there for a better lifestyle. Here is why we love Kelowna.

Why we love Kelowna.

The Lake

Ah, Lake Okanagan, famous and known by pretty much everyone in BC. It has it all, boating, swimming, relaxing. You really cannot go wrong with a day on the lake. Perfect for families and young adults, Kelowna offers many pristine beaches for all.

Wine Tastings

What trip to the Okanagan isn’t complete without a visit to your favorite wineries. At $5 a tasting, its possible to hit almost every one and spend very little. We recommend walking between the wineries, you will hit one every 500 meters or so. If you like a wine, buy a bottle and support this important BC industry.

Okanagan Flyboard

Every wanted to fly? Now is your chance, this is the number one rated attraction in Kelowna. Seen all over YouTube now you get the chance to strap this water rocket to your feet and take the skies. It is expensive however, so maybe just try it once and move onto something else Kelowna has to offer. But we strongly recommend that you give it a shot.

We could go on for days with this list, but you get the idea. Kelowna has tons to offer and is a short drive from Vancouver. If you have a spare weekend, head on up. And for all you Kelowna residents out there, choose Stop and Store Kelowna for your storage needs.