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Important Questions Before Moving

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We have many moving tip blogs on our site but we think we have missed a big one. What should you ask yourself before you move? Well this isn’t an easy one to answer, but with our self storage knowledge and expertise, we have come up with 4 important questions you should ask.

4 Pre-Move questions to ask

Now, we know these are not the only questions you need to be asking, but its a good start and covers some major points. Have a read below.

Have you Downsized?

Now, we are assuming that you are downsizing when you are moving, as is the relative trend for people moving. So you have downsized your home, but have you downsized all your things? You need to realize that you may not have enough space for everything anymore. There are a few options: Donate, throw away, sell or store. You should try and take action on those items before moving day because the cost of the move will be less when there are less items to move.

Do you need temporary housing?

This may seem like a no brainer, but sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of the move, that we forget the small details. If you do not take possession of your new place right away, do you have adequate housing in the meantime? Definitely do not leave this to the last minute and there are too many variables and things to go wrong. The last thing you want is to be knocking on a friends door the day of the move explaining how your last minute plans fell through.

Do you have help?

So many people under estimate the time that is takes to move. You cannot do it all by yourself and if you try, you will end up with a broken back or up all night trying to move everything around. Use friends and family as much as you can, just supply the pizza and drinks. If you are in a new city, use  a reputable moving company. You can use them to help with anything, from simply loading the truck to placing everything in the right rooms.

Do you have a plan?

And by plan, we mean a concrete plan in place for the move. Boxes labeled, and organized by room and a floor plan for the new home. You should take the time to mark out where each item will go. This will clear any confusion on moving day and everything and everyone will know exactly where to go. A small amount of organization goes a long way on such a stressful day as moving day.

We hope this helped! As always, if you do not want to throw away your items, store them with us, Stop and Store Kelowna.