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Time to leave the nest
August 18, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Beat the Headache of moving abroad

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Moving to a new country comes with many challenges and obstacles. One of which is what to do with all your stuff? Take it? Leave it? These are questions one has to ask themselves before attempting the big move. Stop and Store Kelowna is here to help you break down what to do with some of your important things.

Moving Abroad.


Sofas, couches and beds are all very large items that can be very expensive to ship. We aren’t talking about renting a U-Haul and driving to another province. But for those jetting away across un-drive able distances. The easiest way to go about this problem is to rent a furnished place in your new home. Take the stress away when it comes to the big items and spend a little more for peace of mind. But what to do with the stuff you left behind? Store it with us of course! We offer great rates for those moving abroad needing a temporary home for their things.


Take into consideration the new climate of where you are moving. Those Okanagan winter clothes wont do any good if you are moving down south. Store the clothes you don’t need so when you come back to visit you aren’t freezing cold or boiling hot. Also, its a good idea to understand if there are any sizing differences between the places you want to move. In Asia a small does not equal a small in North America.


Taking your TV is equivalent to moving your couch abroad. Leave it behind. In fact a good rule of thumb for electronics is that if it cant fit inside your carrying on or you can’t check it in, leave it behind. Chances are the place you are moving have a different electrical outlet anyway, making your stuff useless without adapters. A good laptop should hold you over until you can find a TV, if you really need it.

That’s all we have for now, we wish you luck in your travels and you can always count on us to store your things safely and securely when you are gone.