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5 Holiday Gifts for the Disorganized

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We all know someone who is disorganized. Chances are that someone on your holiday gifts list fits this description. Well, if you are having trouble finding that perfect gift, we just may have the perfect solution for you.

Holiday Gifts for Disorganized People


Is your friend a techie? Well if so, you are in luck, many different companies have a ton of tech solutions for being organized. TrackR is a great GPS tracker for just about anything. Pair it with your smart phone and never ever lose your keys again. It even makes a noise to help you find it.

Do you have a friend that is buried under an ever growing mound of paper work? Then help them turn digital and paper less with a scanner. Lifehacker had a great list of scanners that will make the perfect Christmas gift.


If you know someone who needs a bit of help around the home, a closet organizer will be sure to help them. With a wide variety available, almost any home store will carry them. If you are looking for good one, we recommend tidyliving, they have a whole selection to choose from.

Cable organizers are great for those people who are techies but their home is a mess of cords. Having a cable organizer will help them to keep track of charging cables, USB sticks and anything else that tend to get lost. Grab this cable organizer off amazon now.

If your friend loves their jewelry but has way to much, this built in organizer and mirror is perfect. Hanging off the door it is a functional mirror and lockable jewelry organizer. We are sure they won’t be able to fill it. It can securely hold hundreds of different types of jewelry. Best of all, it will stop thieves in their tracks, you can’t even tell what it is when it’s in mirror mode.